New Year's Eve Party at Force of Green's

  1. New Year's Eve Party at Force of Green's

    I figured I'd post this up before I go to bed...

    I am moving into a pretty big 2 level, loft apartment December 1st and I was interested in having a New Year's Eve Party on New Year's Eve. I feel closer to the AM community than I do to any other group of people and I figure that it'd be the perfect opportunity to spend some time with my favorite people and celebrate a memorable New Year.

    My location is in central New Jersey right by the shore. I am literally steps away from the NJ Transit (railroad lines). I figure that New Year's Eve leaves enough time for planning and making arrangements.

    Please PM me as soon as possible if you're interested and you think that you can make it or if you know that you'd definitely attend. If a few people can definitely make it, I will get really good food and spirits. I've got a ton of space in the apartment and there'll be a lot to do, no doubt.

    Anyhow, I know that we only live once and I am going to do my best to make it to the Arnold Classic to meet you guys who will be attending, but I'd really like to see some of the people that I post with on this board, about 9 hours a day! hahaha!

    Hopefully a few people are interested so I can make this happen. I know it'd be a good time.


    Kyle aka Force of Green
    Freedom means nothing here.

  2. damn, thats a good offer and id love to party it up but damn, im soooooooooooooooooooooo far away. have fun and i hope alot of people decide to join you.

  3. Not sure here, but definitley at the Classic!! Besides I will be in acceptable AM shape by the classic

  4. aaaaaaaah, good stuff m'man, but i'll be in Illinois visiting the fam.

  5. Geez, why can't anyone reside in the Midwest?!! Joiz-ee is just too faw deaud.

  6. Hahaha! What's going on guys? I am hoping to have a few of yall be able to come. I wish there could be some massive board party for all of AM....

    I know that CTDeuce is in the tri-state area... so is Justreading and SureShot... Metroba wants to come hang out and he's in Florida... Pata320 is in Florida, but is gonna come down if he can... Hmmm....

    Yeah, but if any of you can make it, let me know! I'll have some good food brought over... chicken, grilled steak, veggies, etc. I've got a hookup for wine and champaigne...
    Freedom means nothing here.


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