Anyone else getting viruses from here?

  1. Anyone else getting viruses from here?

    I'm getting about 3 a day from this site. Anyone else getting these?

  2. Viruses? Like email viruses or what?

  3. Yeah, email virus

  4. not me, but that damn chat room sure screws up my computer... grumble grumble.

  5. Originally posted by 1Fast400
    Yeah, email virus
    I get like 5 a day or more from people I don't know... or parents of my friends, etc.

  6. I get it from [email protected]. At least I think that is what it is. I know it starts with usnic acid. I get about 10-15 viruses as an attached file per day, but rarely does it repeat from the same site. Just wanted to see if others got it.

  7. I haven't got any from here Mike... it would be kinda strange that it would be coming from here... unless someone has one of the self replication email virus and has you in their address book.. just a thought


  8. Never once.

  9. I have seen that email virus. is it a clez virus... like w2.wclez or something like that. Unsic acid probably did not check for it and now he has sent your email address to all the other crappy ones and attached is that stupid virus. It won't hurt your computer buts its anoying... Hope that helps.. talk to ya...
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  10. PS. Its not from "this site" it came from that person. IOf you are in his email list thats where they got your name from... Don't worry you are safe when you are here... hehehehe  .Talk to ya..
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  11. I have never had one from this site and thanks for pointing that out curt. Hope you guys get your computers straightened out and in working order.

  12. Due to email volume, I don't open anything that has a file attached, regardless of who it is. I get 10 a week from [email protected]. Gotta love it

  13. If you are getting a virus attachment it is coming from the end user and not the server.  I will alert the account holder and have that person scan their system.

    It sounds like a virus that replicates through the person's address book or something similiar.



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