1. Coffee

    Hey I know there are some on here, who are coffee buffs, so I'm hoping you can help me out. I want to buy for a gift for someone coffee beans, can any one suggest me a good kind and where I can get it online?

    Thanks Spencer

  2. Just get starbucks coffee by the bag
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  3. you can always get the a starbucks or peets coffee card and let them chose which item to buy!

  4. Blue mountain coffee beans, are supposed too be the best.

  5. Noo nooo boys, you gotta check this coffee out: Door County Gourmet Coffee! This stuff smells amazing and isn't too pricey. They have a ton of different flavors, caff. and decaff. Great Holiday selection of flavors too! The Cinnamon Hazelnut is fantastic, and if you use sugar free hazelnut creamer (International Delight), it is addicting!

    Buy fresh gourmet coffees online- Door County Coffee & Tea Co.



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