Haha, put the safety back on,

I think its a great deal, and I love GOLD, especially with all the great features and the nutraplanet coupons that we get, but I also wanted to make a couple of comments and ask a couple of questions.

1st-I really like the fact that the subscription does not auto renew, that pisses me off, and I may never have gone gold if it did. I waited to see for sure that it didnt autorenew.

2nd-I gotta say, I am really impressed with the seamlessness the renewal process was a couple of clicks, and Im back to gold right away. It took me a day or so to make up my mind.

**My question is more about the plain old board sponsor-Whats the difference between the two types of memberships.**

Also, when I first went gold about a year ago I ran a little contest to celebrate:

RoadBlocks Going Gold Great Gear Giveaway

Well, now that I went gold again, I think someone should run a contest for me(and the rest of U) to celebrate going gold again!!

Any takers??