health insurance - I need help choosing one.

  1. health insurance - I need help choosing one.

    I am currently debating between choosing aetna or blue shield. me and the hubby are in our early to mid twenties and are both in perfect health. we are looking for:

    -low deductible
    -30-40% coinsurance
    -up to $250 month is ok

    so far, i have heard so many complaints about all the companies out there but blue shield and aetna have the least complaints (but still many). what are your thoughts? any other suggestions?

  2. This might help:

    Here's what else to look for in a plan:

    • Annual or daily caps on specific types of care or services, like oncology care, or radiation and rehabilitation services. A $30,000 annual cap on cancer services, for example, won't get you far if you need surgery, and $10,000 in annual outpatient services isn't likely to cover a course of radiation.

    • Cost-sharing requirements: copayment or coinsurance amounts and coverage limits for routine office visits, specialists, drugs, and hospital admissions. The plan may charge a $25 copayment for a visit to your primary-care physician but increase that to $40 if you see a specialist.

    • Generic vs. brand-name drug coverage. "There's a clear emergence of health plans that cover only generic drugs," says Davenport-Ennis.

    • Annual out-of-pocket maximum. Make sure you could afford to pay whatever this figure is every year if you get sick, and remember that copayments generally don't count toward the limit.

    • Lifetime coverage limit. Many serious illnesses are now considered chronic conditions rather than fatal diseases. With expensive medical treatments, a lifetime coverage limit of $1 million won't be enough for many people.

  3. I work for a huge petroleum company, and have had Aetna for almost ten years.....Its absolutely horrible in my area...lots of physicians here dont even accept wife just had to spend an hour on the net finding an orthopedic surgeon who would accept it in his office....

    We have several different plans to choose from, so I cant really complain about that....


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