Poll: Would you trust an IUD?

Would you trust an IUD?

  1. Would you trust an IUD?

    The bUCK Fuddy has the one with the hormones so she's never even supposed to release an egg.
    I cant stress enough how much I'm not down with being a dad right now lol. Anyone have a partner with one of these? Any pregnancy stories?

    Thanks guys

  2. Keep a baseball bat and a coat hanger handy next to the stairs....just in case.....

    The IUDs are not 100%......they have failed before according to the WHO....

    Only time I have no worries is with two MILF f**k buddies, one is 46 the other is 48........find you one or more of em and get tested then start doing it.......it's f**king heaven in there and I'm telling ya, nothing hotter than a beautiful experienced woman who has the same sex drive as me with no strings attached!

    I can agree with the dad part, I'm 21 and I f**king hate those little sh*t head maggots, kids are the worst f**king thing in the world, I don't hate em, but I just want nothing to do them than pet them on the head and say "run along!"

  3. lulz, thanks omen haha.

    21 and you're hittin 46 and 48 year olds???

    I think this girl would terminate a pregnancy. But still, risky. And i'm not a huge fan of the idea of using abortion as a form of birth control. But it wouldnt be my call so...

    Kids are awesome, but I'm still one myself. And I dont want a family with this girl haha (I'm a bad person, can you tell?)

    lol, coat hanger. you sick mother ****er

  4. I second the cougar love. I'm 26 and the oldest cougar I've netted thus far is 42 year old kickboxing instructor.

    Drama free, and everybody knows the deal. Makes going back to girls my age tougher, lemme tell ya.

  5. ive heard of cases of women still getting knocked up! with an i.u.d! not quite 100% yet..if ever?

  6. its not 100% safe like anything else... sure there's been cases where it failed but those are far and between... ant this still the best birth control IMO

    my wife has had them for years... before we had kids there were no problems it worked like a swiss watch, after we had the first she got pregnant again with the second... thats what you dont want to do (trust me) after giving birth women are prone to get pregnant again easily i guess its b/c they didn't ovulate for so long...

    needless to say shes got on in right now, and we have no worries.

  7. Christine has the non hormonal one (copper lined, I believe) and it has a great track record.
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  8. I have had the Paragard in for 8 years with no problems at all. Not one unplanned pregnancy resulted while using it.

  9. Awesome, thanks everyone.

    Now I just need to hit up the histadine like hank was saying in another thread so I can actually take advantage of this iud

  10. trust an IUD as much as any other B.C. Nothing but abstince is 100%.....and f**k that

  11. Quote Originally Posted by whiskers View Post
    Awesome, thanks everyone.

    Now I just need to hit up the histadine like hank was saying in another thread so I can actually take advantage of this iud
    good luck! and skeet..skeet..skeet!..lol.:chi ck:

  12. my wife got an iud after we had our second. i sure hope it is effective.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by lennoxchi View Post
    Nothing but abstince is 100%.....and f**k that



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