A Song I Like - A Feeling My Whole Life - Neoborn

  1. A Song I Like - A Feeling My Whole Life - Neoborn

    Hey Guys,

    Just thought I would sharing something, with you guys. I remember as a kid I used to listen to lots of 45 singles and remembered a song "He's got the whole world in his hands". IThis song brings back fond memories from childhood.
    New Rendition

    Old Rendition

    I found this song and liked its rendition(no religiousity here). Without getting all biblical or start one of those threads where everyone gets all headlocked into religous this and atheist that I thought I would just share something I have always felt....

    I have always felt like my life has a purpose, that I am here to do something in particular, but not only that, the stronger feeling than even that, was that there is 'something', I don't know what your version of it is, but some kind of 'higher power' or 'creator' or 'energy' that has always watched over me and loved me. I'm sorry if I'm getting too sappy or something but its difficult to put into words...

    Has anyone else felt this 'thing'?

    Just a thought and my 2c, disregard or not as you see fit

    Much Love,


  2. Well, contemporary rock isn't really my preference, but I heartily concur with your sentiments.

    And what you're saying isn't sappy so much as it is hopeful, and we all need something to hope in.
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