Nizoralman too busy?

  1. Nizoralman too busy?

    Anybody order stuff from Nizoralman as of late? Ordered but no response from him still.

    Damn, that was a waste of a thread, eh?

  2. i ordered some nizoral a week or 2 back - came in like 2 days - was shocked as hell.

  3. Thats odd. I always get a reply or a confirmation within like two hours of my order. This is definately a first.

    You know any boards he frequents so maybe I can PM him?

  4. Damn man, 3 days now. This is some BS. Does anbody else know where I can get some Spiro 5% cream online?

    Help a brother out.
  5. dainbramaged
    dainbramaged's Avatar

    i was told the next best place was it costs a bit more though. if you find anyplace better, let us all know.

    ...though it doesn't seem to be there any longer...??? or I just can't find it.

  6. Wow, its been over a week now and still nothing. Is it really that hard to do their own jobs? I've sent countless e-mails to them and still nothing. I shouldn't have to worry and deal with this kind of $hit. People make me ****in sick sometimes.

    I even tried calling them and it seems that their phone line is no longer available and its some other companies now. Nizoralman is now on my $hitlist...........****ers.

    If anyone has ordered from them recently, let me know if you got your $hit please, I'm not to peachy right now.

    Thank You.

  7. **** - I just spilled my mixonidil all over the floor!! Is still active or not? Where else can I get the same stuff??


  8. Going on 2 weeks now and still nothing. The only other place I know of is But, you first have to fill out a mail-in form so that Dr. Lee will be able to treat you legally. And that takes at least a month maybe longer.

    I'm gonna give it till the end off this week for NM. If still nothing then I have no other choice but contacting the authorities. I'm sick of this $hit, he did it to himself.

  9. Maybe we can get LegalGear to start carrying them???

  10. Originally posted by BigVrunga
    Maybe we can get LegalGear to start carrying them???
    Bro, that would be the $hit right there. I'm all for it. I would even pay more because I know their customer service is top line.

  11. Well lets get on that then, Id definately be a customer for life. 3 minutes once a day and Im not going ot lose my hair...

    Who do we talk to in order to get this moving?



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