Roy Jones vs. Antonio Tarver

  1. Roy Jones vs. Antonio Tarver

    Thought Id give everyone a heads up. This is one of my friends dads. He's really good but I dont think hell take jones. Ill be at his sons house tonight where there throwing a huge party for the fight. The fights tonight on Pay per view. He hasnt seen his father for the last 7 months since he's been training for this fight in NY. Should be interesting.


  2. Jones is going to beat Tarver IMO, he should have should have long overdue rematches with Hopkins and Toney.

  3. Jones got his ass whipped. My boys dad should have won the fight. Jones was bleeding and all swollen and a couple times looked like he was going to drop. Tarver wasnt even scratched. He looked so well prepared for the fight it was unbelievable. If not for jones name he would have lost. See for yourself, it should be on HBO next weekend. I was shocked how good my boys dad was. He whipped some ass.

  4. congrats to i've never boxed before, looks like some hard **** though.

  5. jones dropped so much weight for that fight that he looked so ****ing tired. He still won imo because tarver blew it by not chasing jones around. Something jones hit him with scared tarver for the rest of the fight.

  6. Man, that looks like another black eye for boxing. I swear this **** has become unbelievably fixed, it's insulting to the consumers. An in shape Mike Tyson would whip up Roy Jones though, I'd like to see that.


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