Happy New year

  1. Smile Happy New year

    Happy new year to everyone - hope it's a good one!

  2. Originally posted by Andy2k
    Happy new year to everyone - hope it's a good one!

    ****, I just hope I can remember it

  3. Thanks Bro and the same to you-Peace
  4. Happy New Year to everyone

    New to the board just wanted to thank the Admin and mods I have spent MANY hours reading the old threads and they are VERY informational.

    So bros have FUN tonight but be safe.

    Peace out.

  5. happy new beers to everyone!!!

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  6. Happy, blessed, incredible new year to you all. Let's all come back tomorrow safe and sound!

  7. Have a Good New Year guys and remember to not drink and drive. Let someone else do the driving for you.

  8. Happy New Year bros..................may you all gain lean muscle in the new year!!



  9. back at you bro. stay safe
  10. Re: Re: Happy New year

    Originally posted by YellowJacket

    ****, I just hope I can remember it
    i dont....dont remember the ladies i was getting nasty with. lost count of how many shots i took. trying to forget why i padi 30 bones for cover. cant remember how many slices of pizza i had at 4 am. dont even know who that broad was i kissed on midnight. all i remember...is the dj, who blalently was wearing a bowtie, that was cutting it up with "back in the day" tracks.

    happy new years my friends....today is a time to recover and watch football, and back to a clean healthy lifestyle tomorrow. Sage

  11. eh happy new years!


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