PH bill opposition ideas

  1. PH bill opposition ideas

    Hey guys, I was thinking of writing a letter to my newspaper to express my dislike of the PH ban bill and to raise awareness in my community so that hopefully some more people will write their reps, but was wondering if you guys knew any good, concise things to write since i'm having some killer writers block. lol I need to have some facts that are concise and to the point without including any anger or anything in it, or I will just get flamed by ignorant dumb****s (like it won't happen anyway lol) got any ideas?

  2. You can tell them that no one has died from use of PH's, compare this to tobacco, alcohol, ibuprofen, Tylenol which are legal and have killed ****loads of people. You can also let them know that proposed bill by senator Durbin is really targetting all supplements in general, not just PH's and Ephedra. His bill would make it possible to have a product investigated or researched if one customer were to complain, even they had no data showing the supplement is harmful. You can conclude that PH's should be only sold to people over 18, preferrably 21.

    Bottom line is PH's are safe and the feds wanna crackdown on supps because they enhance health. This would of course hurt big pharmaceutical drug companies which need sick people who will buy their overpriced medications in order to fatten their wallets. BTW, most drigs are designed to treat a diesease, not sure it because if they cure diseases than they lose money. Politicians get money from these pharmaceutical companies so they wanna keep them rich and happy.

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