Snake Oil

  1. Snake Oil

    So I'm in my gym's locker room when 2 guys walk in and the older one was talking about this supplement that he's been using for years with great success. He was all like, "If you rub it on your groin, you'll be able to do a split, no problem. And you can heal from injuries right away..." I pricked up my ears because this stuff sounded great and the old guy was in pretty good shape...until he said the name of it...SNAKE OIL!!! It took every bit of strength to not die laughing! The manufacturers don't even hide what it is! They just outright named it Snake Oil! Bravo to them! Then he was like, "It's not expensive but they don't always have it in stock so when it comes in, I stock up." Then he winks at the younger guy and says, knowingly, "Little secrets, bro. Little secrets." Hahaha!

  2. snake oil??? wtf....

  3. There is actually an extract from the Fer De Lance that shows some anabolic properties. It is a lipid extract, and is fat soluble.

    It will be quite expensive, and probably won't be in stock for long - so hurry up and purchase.
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