Crazy ass *****es!!!

  1. Crazy ass *****es!!!

  2. Nothing wrong with people wanting to kill themselves and this is not crazier than someone who shoots h/herself in the head, different method of suicide, that's all.

    Only issue I have is them holding up traffic or injuring other people by causing accidents.

  3. My question is why don't the police tackle their asses, handcuff them and get them off the street? They just try to talk them out of jump in front of cars. I would have tasered her ass at the very least.

  4. all it takes to reach that point is two things:

    1. not knowing why you exist.
    2. the feeling that you won't care if you exist for the parts of this big mystery you do like any longer (usually in this life we find things we like, such as lovers, friends, potato salad, etc. and there is no way of knowing if we'll even have that where we're going, if we even go somewhere when we're dead).

    this person was on the brink of just not caring and ending it all, yet didn't go about it in a way that would absolutely accomplish it. why? because a part of her, a part she may have not even known was in control wanted to live. acts like this, i speculate, are almost an S.O.S. call to the immeasurable unknown. we fear what we do not know. and we, no one knows, where we will go when our body dies.

    again, this is just how i, ME, feels. i could be totally wrong here, though.

  5. Its sad, and it is the risk of those who exist in a state of mind that is not offered hope...



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