I'll Be Back In A Week

  1. I'll Be Back In A Week

    I'm going to china today and will be back next Tuesday/Wednesday, I'll return any pm's/emails when i get back. Just thought i'd give peeps a heads up so they didn't think i moved to afghanastan or anything

  2. Bring me back a panda

    Seriously I want a real panda bear.

  3. Bring me back a kilo of methyl 1-test.

  4. Have fun bro, I'll talk to you when you get back............



  5. Take care, good luck, and enjoy your trip.

  6. have fun mayn....and yea, i wouldnt mind a panda either.


  7. hurry back

  8. Guess who's back? Back again.... KC's back, tell a friend....

    Craziest place i've ever been too by far, Sage and J, chek your mail soon for a panda, got a pretty good price on them

    NPursuit, i was gonna bring back a kilo or two of more then one thing but thought smarter carrying my bags through customs lmao.


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