Check out this about Valerian root!

  1. Check out this about Valerian root!

    so i am on another site and i came across this. I dont wanna say the site, and i dont think i can anyways. But youll figure it out.

    3g's of Valerian = 3 days of restlessness WOWY dreams, nausea and jitters
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    1am 2 nights ago I ground 3 g's of Valerian Root and filled up 5 capsules and ate em all thinking it would put me to sleep and induce vivid and maybe lucid dreams.

    I did not expect near 3 days of restlessness and slight nausea. When I was able to sleep it would be in shallow 2 hour chunks. Today I am totally spent... finally getting my apatite back.

    Clearly I took too much and I don't recommend it.

    First night I was unable to sleep until 9am! I slept for 2 hours. I did have a number of very vivid and interesting dreams.

    Most Vivid.... I was outside my home on the sidewalk sitting down infront of my laptop which was placed on a tv diner tray... head wrapped in a towel. I kept thinking to myself... what am I doing here??? I'm going inside.. But I couldn't move. Ultimately I awoke to realize I was in my bed with the laptop on the night stand beside me. This was very real and lifelike. Especially my emotions. I became very affraid and confused while dreaming.

    I had a total of 3 or 4 hours sleep and felt like total **** all day.. Long day of job interviews and a night job that wrapped up at midnight.

    I grabbed a club sandwich which made me nauseous. I could have puked easily but kept it down. I figured I would sleep like a baby... No dice. I was tossing and turning until 5am or so. I slept for a 2 hour chunk and had this VERY ****ed up dream.

    - There was crazy sex in the jungle, with someone with a crazy headdress on. It was pretty hot, emotionally only.. not very tactile. there was me in a jungle doing some kind of jungle drug. I actually got high in the dream.

    when 'High' on the jungle drugs.. And yes I did feel VERY psycadelic... These 2 creatures came around. Hunched over with thick grey tubes drapping over them for hair. These things scared the **** out of me at first. Then I realized that they weren't going to hurt me.

    I felt VERY animalistic. I tryed to talk but could only babble this madness babble. I looked and suddenly my girlfriend was there I tried to talk with her and the same babbling came out. I kept babbling at her and suddenly the jungle faded away and I was in my bed. SITTING UP reaching toward my girlfriend just as I was in the dream.

    At this point I was awake and seriously buzzed (this was the second day) I had the little whispy dusty sparkles in my vision that I get with other psycadelics. It took hours to get back to sleep. During this time I had some pretty heavy thoughts about my nature. My animal inside. I felt very connected to the earths spirit and to the animal world.

    I had a series of other dreams. Nothing exciting enough to waste your time describing... More interesting than usual dreams.

    Today is day three... Getting back to normal. All I want is a nice long uninterupted nights sleep.

    I have little choice but to conclude that Valerian has psycadelic properties. They seem to unlock through shallow sleep. The dusty sparkles, vibrating body load, jaw clenching, a psycadelic mindset and considerations.

    Don't get excited though, I felt like total **** for the last three days. Looking for a buzz?? NOT WORTH IT. I may not ever do it again. If I do I will do no more than a Gram.
    Sounds like fun but obviously it was dumb.
    Let the record show later in the post he admits to not fully knowing what he was doing or understanding it could do that to him. He understands it was a poisioning situtation.

  2. no one has any comments on this? haha i guess its a lazy sunday...

  3. isn't a normal dose around a gram or so? surprising to see such heavy effects from a dose that isn't that much bigger. where is this from, erowid?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by warnerve View Post
    isn't a normal dose around a gram or so? surprising to see such heavy effects from a dose that isn't that much bigger. where is this from, erowid?
    i think recomened is .5g-1g
    from shroomery (.) org

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