Puberty Induced Gyno?

  1. Puberty Induced Gyno?

    quick question for you guys. i'm attaching two pics of me, and i seem to have fat (always have) around the bottom outsides of my pecs. i have a really small frame 126 lbs in 2005, and i got stretch marks when my arms grew to 11 1/2 inches when i was 16.

    i'm 1/2 german, 1/2 indian (dot, not feather) if race plays a role on how a pectoral muscle should look, or how racially fat is stored.

    i did do a cycle of tren when i was 175 pounds, but my pecs have always looked like this. anyways, here's a pic. puberty induced gyno, or natural build based on race? here's a pic of me at 181. what are your thoughts on this guys?

    you can see the fat in this one much better. been like this since i was 17. what's going on?

  2. I have gyno, and my chest looks nothing like that. I wish it did.

    If you don't have hard glandular tissue, you don't have gyno. I'm talking feels-like-your-testes tissue. If you have hard tissue, you will know it without a shadow of a doubt.

  3. just puberty gyno wouldn't worry about it mate

  4. ok. thanks for the help guys. it doesn't hurt - no lumps. its not gyno in the traditional sense, thats for sure. i was wondering if it was puberty induced, or if it is maybe racially how my pec should look - i've never seen an indian bodybuilder, in fact there's no indians at any of the gyms i've ever been to. must be the german in me that drove me to lifting.

  5. LOL, try a spot fat reducer like Naplam on the side of the pecs and even a lil wide grip benching to hit that section of your pec more.... avoid the nipple if possible when applying napalm.

    Def not gyno, just natural fat storage that will dissipate with increase in LBM in that region and/or total body fat loss.

  6. okay, will do. thanks poops! napalm it is.


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