people at the gym

  1. people at the gym

    Yall know when u go to the gym on a regular basis right and u see the same people everyday and they never change. They are always lookin the same, don't lose weight don't gain, don't get any stronger they still either look fat as hell or skinny as s*it. They be talkin about how they losin weight. Man get that outta here. Then check it out right they say oh well I am sore today, and the day before they did not do a dam thing lol. How many of these people do u see on a daily basis

  2. I would say that probably 50% of the people I see in the gym make no improvements from year to year.


  3. I duno, but most guys look like the ones who come there with no intensity. I will admit I cant put out the same kinda weight yet....but I am about 2-6 inches shorter than most of them, and probably 30-40 pounds lighter.....and I rarely see someone with intensity, just those beer belly guys with big arms....

    Some younger athletes are in there and are on spot though.

  4. i got a schmuck at my gym. he's got 10 pounds on me, same height. he's on his 5th cycle of real gear - he's the supplier in my town. 5 x 10-12 week cycles and he's got 10 pounds on me. what a dork.

    there's someone else who never gains. three years at the gym, and he's the same size. i've never seen him do a compound move besides bench press - go figure. no deads, no squats, no dips, no military press. i want to say something so badly, but really don't have the heart to tell him he wasted the last three years of a membership.

    i also love the cardio guys that spend 45 minutes getting their sweat on, then i see them at starbucks getting a latte. 400 calories burned, 500 calories in. sorry cardio guys - my 1/2 and 1/2 sugar free mocha is for a bulk.

  5. There are some well overweight chicks at my gym who run the cardio classes - they're fit enough to run the classes, but must bust in the cream buns and fizzy pop afterwards!

  6. They provide my wife and I entertainment during our workouts

  7. Quote Originally Posted by jakellpet View Post
    There are some well overweight chicks at my gym who run the cardio classes - they're fit enough to run the classes, but must bust in the cream buns and fizzy pop afterwards!

    haha true to that. KFC detour

  8. Quote Originally Posted by AUTO View Post
    haha true to that. KFC detour
    I think they hit this p!ss as well - bit of a party scene.

    One saturday AM we couldn't get in for 30 minutes, then the manager comes into the lobby dripping wet to unlock the door from the inside.

    Apparently she pulled some bloke at the pub, and had spent the early hours shagging him in the flipping spa pool.

    She got the boot, we got an extra month's membership.

  9. About 90% of my gym.
    I rip on this one skinny guy and said to him once, "man look at me im a beast dont you wanna look like me?"

    He goes no I dont wanna be huge and bulky I just wanna be toned

    He then talked to some other people and said "would you ever want to be as big as him". Well he got the answer he didnt wanna hear. These people are what keeps me lifting heavy!
  10. overweight people

    There is this big fat black dude at the gym I go to and he only shows up like 3 days a week. He will do like 20 minutes walking on the treadmill and then do abs. I am thinkin like why are you doing abs when u need to lose about a good 100 lbs before anything will show. Then you got people with big guts and do nothing but bench everyday, after a set they talk on the phone 20 minutes and then do another set. Lol

  11. There is a guy who I saw today in fact, that has the worst form and just looks goofy as ****. I think this guy is retarded. No sh!t.


    So he was doing squats today. 415 on the bar. His idea of a squat is goin about a 1/4 of the way down and then blastin his legs back up so the bar starts bouncing and flexing.

    Long story short......

    he's about 6'0 180 and been doing this same ****ty workout for a while and he still looks like a bum.
    Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general. -Rippetoe

  12. I heart these threads.
    There are a few people at my gym that have made progress, one in particular that I've noticed lose a considerable amount of gut. The rest of the folk all look the same. My buddy, mister ed, mister ed' horse of a log (thread jack ) has been making some serious progress in the past two months.
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25


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