ID this person

  1. ID this person

    reps to the first person that can ID this person, and tell me what he is most famous for. if you can't tell, i'm really bored today.

  2. Stanley Tookie Williams

    One of the founders/leader of the crips. that was ondeathrow but its now death

    As you can tell im bored as well that why i took the time to answer this nonsense lol

  3. great job. he's a frikken beast. biggest non pro i've ever seen.

  4. he wouldnt be fun to mess with for sure....

    but hey, you could see him coming from a mile away wit dat fro.

  5. I know who that is ...that is, my friend, one, baaaaaaaaaaaad, mothahhhh****a!

  6. needs a disco ball and a knoose


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