Implications of a Ten Day Refinery Outage

  1. Implications of a Ten Day Refinery Outage

    The Oil Drum | Implications of a Ten Day Refinery Outage

    Looking for a site, seen it earlier this week, that has Refinery status updates. Will post when I find it again.

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  2. good article, bad news.

  3. The DOE releases daily sitreps on oil production in relation to the Hurricanes at****20

    As of noon today, the production loss have been ( total shut offs, not accounting for reductions, maybe add 15% to this?)
    Date - Portion of total US Gasoline Production, based on 0.458 of oil being made into gas)

    1-Sep 0.106
    2-Sep 0.135
    3-Sep 0.126
    4-Sep 0.124
    5-Sep 0.047
    6-Sep 0.047
    7-Sep 0.047
    8-Sep 0.031
    9-Sep 0.013
    10-Sep 0.013
    11-Sep 0.013
    12-Sep 0.181
    13-Sep 0.193
    14-Sep 0.196
    15-Sep 0.182

    The 9/1 - 9/11 reductions are a product of Gustav, the 12th on are from Ike.

    I suspect, based on these numbers and the pipeline delay of 11-19 days as described in the Oil Drum article, that what we are seeing is the first wave of shortages, that supply may improve temporarily to be followed by a much larger shortage. Just speculating, cause no one in the MSM or .Gov will give us much forewarning.

    The DOE will put out a weekly report on Wedneday at

    We will know more then and I also think these shortages will affect the lines through St. Louis/Chicago and thru Dixie the hardest.

    My Advice is get prepped up for hard times ahead, between this and the collapsing Derivatives played on Trillion $ Debt, add a big pinch of probable geopolitical tensions, this economy is soon FUBAR. Better too early to prep than too late, I say.

  4. stop worrying about this petty stuff and get over to the college football thread

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