Ronnie wins!

  1. Ronnie wins!

    Jay got 2nd of course
    Dexter 3rd

  2. Ronnie did look better this year. I must say, I am a huge Cutler fan, and I was primed for a bit of a letdown. I was wrong. I thought with competing in 3 shows early in the year, he would have burnt out. Nope. Jay needs a bit more muscular maturity, esp. in his back. In due time, due time. Dexter and Dennis impressed me as well.

  3. yea, jay couldnt touch ronnies backs. maybe next year. gunter was a let down tho at 5th place.

  4. Gunter looked great, but Dennis and Dexter were ****ing unbelieveable. They both went for the moon with their physique. Especially James, that dude has been so blocky and bloated trying to play the size game. Not this year...symmetry and cuts to boot. Gunter did improve his physique, too. Its just sooo tough to improve such a long body. When he looks at photos, Gunter should be happy.

  5. Ronnie's legs were huge, and his back had a ton of definition.

    Cutler looked good, but Coleman looked extraordinary.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by spoofy
    Jay got 2nd of course
    Dexter 3rd

    ahem,, badell took third.

  7. This thread is about last years Mr. O. Look at the date.

  8. Ronnie is from another planet. If all he does is maintain his condition for the next couple years, he'll break Haneys' record easy. All his competition need at least 3 years to catch up to him. What a f*cking freak!!

  9. I've heard about a guy called Toney Freeman, about 290lbs ripped... Was he at the O?

    That guy is pretty freaky too... Stays low BF% all year round...

  10. Quote Originally Posted by 2cAnnons
    This thread is about last years Mr. O. Look at the date.
    that is hilarious


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