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  1. it's funny how strong some of these crossfitter critters are, yet you wouldn't even know it to look at em if you didn't see em doing it. now that IS functional strength. but me, i like some aesthetic, too. so, it's not quite for me.

  2. Too often people look at Crossfit and immediate associate the program with the intense met-con workouts (metabolic conditioning, the HIIT style weight sessions). Although it certainly distinguishes it from other programs, that's not what its all about.

    The title Crossfit implies exactly that, Cross-Fitness.... fitness across broad domains. The 10 domains of fitness are the backbone to Crossfit, and that is what we train for. In the Crossfitter's mindset, what good is a 400lb backsquat if you can't run a mile in under 7 minutes? And vice versa, what good is a sub-5 minute mile if you can squat 2x your bodyweight? It strives to excel at everything.. to be as physically capable as possible, ready for any challenge. "Specialization is for insects". Be able to do everything... gymnastics, to track and field, to olympic weight lifting. It's a way to get back in touch with what functionally works. No machines, no bicep curls, no elipticals. Effective training across wide domains... no fancy B.S.

    The functionality is what hooked me. It just works. But a huge factor in its growing popularity is the competition factor. Many of the workouts, the met-cons, are "for time", or points are allocated. Fastest time wins, or the most points wins. People will absolutely destroy themselves to shave off 10 seconds, or will give it everything they got just to get in 5 more push presses in the time allowed. It's something else, as its made training into an actual sport. And as mentioned, the broad range of exercises combined in endless variations brings new challenges and literally fun workouts.

    Best thing to do is try it if your curious about it. Just about every Crossfit gym offers a free first class, so you have nothing to lose. Check out and hit the "Affiliates" page to search in your state.

  3. Just a spare thought - I track my Crossfit workouts daily, and if someone out there is interested in the program but doesn't understand the seeminly random system, I'll be glad to post a log. Workouts will still appear to be randomized, but at least you could view it on a day by day basis (might do something, I have no idea).

    And I meant to throw this out there before as well - if you ever have any questions about Crossfit, hit me up. I love talking about the program, and although I'm not a certified trainer, I'll do my best to answer any questions if you have them.

    Edit - Posted a log to help give an example of an average Crossfit program ... Crossfit Log
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  4. Here's a link that I believe can explain the seemingly randomness of Crossfit. Graphs included.
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