Dr. Phil's diet book

  1. Dr. Phil's diet book

    My goodness, I can't believe this fat psychologist is actually gonna release his diet book. I can't believe people are gonna take advice on dieting from a fat psychologist. Leave the dieting tips to real dieticians fat Phil. Knowing how ****ed up things are, I wouldn't doubt it if it becomes a top seller. BTW, I'm sure none of you wouldn't fly in a plane being controlled by a construction worker or a CEO right, yet I can feel many people are gonna buy this Dr. Phil's book

  2. He's also got diet food in grocery stores. I saw it and couldn't believe my eyes. He's nothing but a capitalist rat-bastard, praying on the weak.

  3. Actually, it's already a best seller.

  4. Never judge a book by its cover.

  5. hes not, hes judging it by its author

  6. drumroll please.....

    Phil is a tool.

    that is all

  7. Originally posted by Rhapsody
    Actually, it's already a best seller.
    My goodness, ignorance is rampant in our nation. I bet Dr. Phil won't go into the intricacies of a CKD diet or glycogen replenishment. His book will be something like this "follow the food pyramid and walk for 30 minutes a day" "fat is bad for you" "you don't need that much protein 'cause it will cause kidney failure" etc.

  8. Women will buy the damn book because of his ties with Oprah. Bah, I like capitalism, but not when dip**** ****heads blow out some pyscho bablle out their word hole. Lets see him do his own diet! Could anyone take a FAT personal trainer serious?

  9. Sometimes skinny guys know wayy better their **** in bodybuilding than a muscular guy would ever know. Why's that? because we strive to perfection when we don't have it or need it... You want to lose weight , just watch a fat guy and do the opposite.

  10. sorry dude, why be fat when you know how to be skinny...
    its not attractive to be fat
    its not socially acceptable to a point vs normal size
    its not healthy at all
    it looks disgusting with jelly rolls...

    sorry but i wont listen to a skinny guy on how to gain muscle weight... by skinny i mean like 130-150lb 6' tall... because they'd weigh more than 130 if they really knew how... i mean WHO WOULDNT

    its either a factor of laziness or ignorance, i want no part of either

  11. btw, me and my gf make fun of dr phil all the time and all the fatass women that come on that show... i find it funny...
    i bet 90% of the viewing audience at home is overweight... always in love with the idea of bettering themselves mentally or socially and never physically no matter how fat they are... or just too plain lazy to do it

    i went from 130-185 lean... i have no good feelings for anyone really overweight unless they are really trying... in that case they just need better direction

  12. Originally posted by rpward210
    Could anyone take a FAT personal trainer serious?
    That's what I was trying to say, he can't have that much credibility if he tells you to follow a diet plan which he most likely doesn't follow just by judging his looks. BTW, when people say DOCTOR Phil, I hope they know he's a psychologist, not a MEDICAL DOCTOR. We were discussing this in my Nutrition for sport class, and some jackass who weighs 150 and has a high BF percentage was saying how great of a MEDICAL DOCTOR Phil is, and how great his diet is. That motivated me to start this thread.

  13. What if it turns out to be good?

  14. all that i've seen are still fat

    as is Dr. Phil... on the Tonight Show the other night, said he weighs 240lbs and basically doesnt think he needs to lose weight...

    also claimed that when you get older you'll never get down to the weight you were when you were young...BULL**** i say... BULL****!

  15. He says that because fat housewives will be happy to hear such a remark. He will sell many more books this way because its what they want to hear! He probably even wrote in his book "having lots of muscle mass will make you fat when you're older." That one is my favorite.

  16. Originally posted by Inzah Dude
    What if it turns out to be good?
    yeah, I just realized that I only called phil a tool once in this thread, thanks for reminding me to do it again. dr. phil is a tubby ****in tool. thanks

  17. Anyone who preaches "fat acceptance" is an ignorant ass-hole who doesn't deserve to be anywhere in life when it comes to weight management.


    Dr. Phil is a pile of ****.

  18. Originally posted by rpward210
    He says that because fat housewives will be happy to hear such a remark
    That's not a bad concept, tell a bunch of lard asses what they wanna hear and get rich. Kinda like KFC promoting fried chicken as "health" food in their commercials

  19. Wasn't he in trouble for extortion or something like that. I don't quite remember, but I think he was in trouble for a couple of things. Well at least accused.

    On the fat thing. In my opinion, I believe the "People like me for who I am" is kind of half right half wrong. You should like them for their personality, but you can't deny the physical aspect. Sometimes I think people use that excuse because they are to lazy to change. Or maybe they want some sympathy and say "I tried, I worked out and ate right, but it just doesn't work." I usually just ignore them, because I try to help and they throw it back at me.

  20. I heard that his book is a huge fake. All it is **** that we already know. How to control your eating habits, how to read labels on food packs, etc. I can't wait until some investigative reporter brings out the fact that Dr. Phil is a big, fat fake ass.

    A fat ass Phil teaching you how to lose weight? DAMN, what's next? Richard Simmons teaching how to be straight?
    TheChosen12012 A.P.F California State Champion& 2 Class Record Holder (Deadlifts)

  21. I just look at Sheesh's avatar and that is enough motivation for me to stay atleast under 14% (watch him change it some fat ass guy now).

    I work in a cube farm and there is many fat people there, there is also Dr. Fat Phil's book there. These fat people go on break and read his book while eating cookies from the vending machine and then talk about how theyre ok with themselves. Well then why the hell are you reading a book about wieght control, Bitch put down the cookies and the book and go for a walk while youre on break.

  22. I know this is an old subject but Dr.Phil is actually doing good for the obese population of North America. If you dont know, he is a behavioural psychologist...he is getting people to change their behaviours about food before getting into a diet....yeah he might not be totally ripped...but it doesnt mean he doesnt know anything.

    Sure he probobly wont touch upon any kind of diet that me or you would do but you have to look at it this way...we are a minority in both Canada and the US, the average citizen doesnt know jack **** about dieting or nutrition, and if we presented the kinds of diets that we do, they will see too much science and headache behind it and wont try it....People like simplicity...which i alot of people dont realize that losing weight shouldnt be so difficult....and Dr.Phil introduces that simplicity after they change their behaviour about eating certain foods...which i believe is key! Just like we changed our behaviours about eating and training at one point in our lives. Remember Body for Life by Billy Philips? His education level isnt much more than a 1 year post secondary certificate from a community college but yet he was the know for awhile there...and you know why his program was so successful? Because any monkey could follow it and make progress...i tried it 2 years ago for 12 weeks...dropped 25lbs!

    Now im not adovocating his book...i personally wont read or buy it because its not for meand probobly not for you for that matter...but for your average joe who knows jack about dieting and losing weight I would think it would be the way to go. If he can help alot of people lose weight and feel better about themselves then I not going to knock him down because he is 20lbs overweight.

    Thats just my 2 cents on the matter.



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