Beijing: No spitting, stand in line, and be polite to other nationalities.

  1. "Don't take any pictures unless they are of pre-approved subjects or we'll ****ing kill you!"

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    "Banned items include guns, ammunition, crossbows, daggers, fireworks, flammable materials, corrosive chemicals and radioactive materials."

  3. no crossbows! What kind of Shananigan Olympics is this?!?!
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    "Spitting kills even more than an atomic bomb."

  5. I am saying that the spit could not have come from behind ... that there had to have been a second spitter behind the bushes on the gravelly road. If the spitter was behind you as you claimed that would have caused your head to pitch forward.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk View Post
    I am saying that the spit could not have come from behind ... that there had to have been a second spitter behind the bushes on the gravelly road. If the spitter was behind you as you claimed that would have caused your head to pitch forward.


    "I'm Keith Hernandez. I can do whatever the hell I want."

    "Who does this guy think he is?"

    "I'm Keith Hernandez."

  7. I still watch Seinfeld every night from 10-11pm.

    Still upset about the no crossbows...
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    China bans vendors from serving dog meat at Beijing Olympics

    YouTube - China bans vendors from serving dog meat at Beijing Olympics

    China Cracks down on Visable Disgusting Behavior

    YouTube - China Cracks down on Visable Disgusting Behavior

    China's Spitting Tsar

    YouTube - China's Spitting Tsar

  9. Wierd ****ing government and wierd ****ing people from the videos I saw, anti-spitting activist? wtf man.......

    I'm gonna have fun when we go to war with these people......
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    I'm thinking of starting an 08.08.08 Olympic Terror Tragedy Poll in the spirit of my very accurate prediction on gas prices.

    Gas - $4.00/gal - What Day?

    I think this will be a very good prelude to the 12.21.2012 prophecies.

    Video Gallery - Famous Speeches - The History Channel
    Decoding The Past - Doomsday 2012: The End of Days
    Last Days on Earth

    Stay tuned.
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    I know the 12.21.2012 prophecies sounds like I'm looney tunes. Watch the episodes and then get back to me. It was already aired on 7-25. I was blown away by some of the stuff from a pure technical and data perspective. Very incredible.

  12. "I think it's more healthy to spit rather than to swallow," said a netizen who called himself Mop Paparazzi on the
    I'm gonna have to disagree.

  13. the only reason spitting is banned is because the chinese are general shorter and sick of being spat on by americans. true fact... learned it in school somewhere
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    German Man Falls Off Balcony in 'Spit For Distance' Competition

  15. I shouldn't be laughing, but that's freaking hilarious. I mean, it sucks and all, but... That's pretty damn funny...
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    BEIJING — At least 300 million Chinese are die-hard spitters, the authors of a new survey estimate.

    From illiterate peasants to university graduates, China's spitting masses discharge a daily tidal wave of phlegm that washes from the poorest village to the richest metropolis.
    Yet there is some dry ground for optimism for anyone marooned in the cross fire. Fighting the habit are crusaders such as Victor Yuan, sociologist, reformed spitter, and China's leading market researcher.
    Mr. Yuan believes the struggle against spit is crucial to integrating China with the outside world.
    "Some people accuse me of deliberately showing the dirty and ugly side of China," he said. "But I feel it's important that people begin to realize spitting is a bad habit, then they'll try to overcome it."
    Fearful of negative publicity for Beijing's 2008 Olympic bid, Mr. Yuan's critics are angry with him for choosing last week — while a team from the International Olympic Committee was in Beijing — to publish his survey finding that 300 million Chinese are die-hard spitters.
    "All Chinese want Beijing to win the Olympics," said Mr. Yuan, "because it can earn some 'face' for our country in a grand way. But if we really care about our face, why don't we pay attention to small matters such as not spitting everywhere?"
    Mr. Yuan's research firm, Horizon, interviewed almost 5,600 men and women between the ages of 18 and 65 in villages and cities across China. The findings showed that about one-quarter of all Chinese citizens are confirmed spitters.
    As expected, more men than women confessed to spitting, but other results confound the usual stereotypes.
    "Young, educated urban residents were almost as likely to spit as peasants, manual workers and the elderly," he said.
    Beijing-based consultant Ann Stevenson-Yang, a veteran American observer of Chinese society, cited several reasons for the habit.
    "Firstly, the air quality is usually bad, which makes one spit more. From a medical point of view, Chinese believe that spitting is a way to clear the respiratory system; unlike in the West, Chinese think it is unhealthy to swallow spit," she said.
    But fundamentally, she said, it's because China lacks a culture of public behavior, such as consideration for others.
    While foreign visitors to China may be impressed by private hospitality, they are often shocked by public discourtesy and indifference to strangers. Doors are rarely held open, lines of people dissolve into pushy crowds and loud voices rule public places.
    The government frequently urges people to be "civilized citizens," but rarely do the granny detectives, empowered by red armbands, successfully fine spitters.
    Doctors argue in vain that freestyle spitting spreads respiratory disease.
    Appalled by the state of affairs, American Chinese cosmetics queen Kan Yue-sai has published a manifesto of etiquette, which has become an unlikely best seller.
    Besides advice on tackling Western cutlery and sit-down toilets, Miss Kan forbids nose or ear picking and mandates orderly lines in public places.
    "Spitting in public is very impolite and extremely bad for the environment," she said. "If you have to spit, do it in a tissue."
    Mr. Yuan was encouraged by the 71 percent of his survey respondents who agreed with the statement: "It is OK to spit, but one must pay attention to location and method."
    Some 60 percent claimed to be embarrassed when spitting in the close proximity of other people, while a hard-core 20 percent said they must spit whenever the need arises.
    With the born-again zeal of the recent convert, Mr. Yuan wants to clean up China.
    "I think it's easy to make a place to look clean and civilized, but much harder to make individuals behave in a civilized fashion," he said.
    "When we pay enough attention to courtesy and manners, then we can gradually improve the quality of our people. Only then can China truly become the civilized nation we are so proud of."
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    Quote Originally Posted by B5150 View Post
    I'm thinking of starting an 08.08.08 Olympic Terror Tragedy Poll in the spirit of my very accurate prediction on gas prices.
    Washington Times - Video threatening Olympics is posted online

    Video threatening Olympics is posted online

    Originally published 11:52 a.m., August 7, 2008, updated 11:53 a.m., August 7, 2008

    URUMQI, CHINA (AP) - A U.S. group that monitors extremist Web sites says that a Chinese Islamic group has posted a new video that shows a burning Olympics logo and an explosion over a venue for the Beijing Games.

    The video, reported Thursday by the IntelCenter, follows the posting of a similar video dated July 23. Both are attributed to the Turkistan Islamic Party, which experts say is an offshoot of a secessionist group from China's Central Asian frontier with ties to al-Qaida.

    IntelCenter said the latest video was dated Aug. 1 and features "graphics showing a burning Olympics logo and an explosion imposed over one of the venues."

    Comments on the video were in the language of the Uighurs, a Muslim minority in western China with a long history of tense relations with the central government. No translation was immediately available.

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    YouTube - Beijing Olympics Terror Threats

    YouTube - The Beijing Olympics - Are They A Trap?



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