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  1. Dr Golf is right on the money. That's the law.

  2. Originally posted by Dr of Golf

    FYI ... by law ... if you cancel a membership like that in writing (keep a copy and send it certified mail) and if they still keep sending you CDs and the like that you didn't order, you can keep them without having to pay for them and they cannot do a thing about it. I speak from experience.

    Ahhhhh ****! Damn, too bad I didn't read this 5 years ago

  3. Cool

    Ha! It's kinda like if a bank sends you your car papers and titles before you pay, you can send them like 1 dollar and call it even.

  4. Come on you shayd *******s, I havent got rid of even 1!

  5. Damn LDC............... Where the hell have you been??? Anyways welcome back brother!!!



  6. Originally posted by Lil Daddy Chemo
    Alright So you havent gotten rid of any of them? Not even the GGW? LOL First Time im back in months and all I care about is porn LMAO ! Im glad college is back in session, maybe I can keep up with all this "drama" I need to get the internet back !!! The house isnt the same without it ! Holla at ya my class starts soon gotta run across the damn campus now.........
    Ha, I sold all 8 GGW, still have all of the others....


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