Gamma Labs is looking for 3 members

  1. Thumbs up Gamma Labs is looking for 3 members

    Is Looking for 3 Members to Log and Review G-Fuel

    Each chosen member will receive a 20 count stick pack box of G-Fuel (flavor of your choice) Lemon Lime, Fruit Punch or Blue Ice

    Each chosen member must update their log twice a week and post a final review on Flavor, Energy, Endurance and Focus

    I would like each chosen member to post a separate review with two packs of G-Fuel on Energy, Endurance and Focus

    Two packs/scoops of G-Fuel contains 300mg of caffeine, use with caution


    18 and over-US Residents Only-Must be in Good Health-Must be in Good Standings-Must Complete entire Product

    Winners will post on November 30th

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  2. Whoa..looks solid..Im down



  3. i would be interested in this as well, lemon lime sounds yummy!

  4. looks like a solid formula for sure. sign me up.
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  5. Would love to try this product out!

  6. Sale ends Monday at Midnight.

    G-Fuel tubs 17.99-PTF tubs 17.99-Gamma-O 49.99

  7. I would love the opportunity to try this!
    Life's a garden, dig it


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