gamma labs product log/review link thread..

  1. gamma labs product log/review link thread..

  2. hit prowler today.

    this morning with a client, he tried 20 plates, wasn't able to get it, but I wanted to see if I could move it, and pushed it the rest of the way. So about 17 meters. just shy of 20 meters.

    strength has gone up.


    leg pre exaustion, heavy on squats, 6 sets of 3 reps, back forth with partner, starting with 185, ending at 285
    went over to leg press, started light, 4 plates each side, then 6, finished with 7 each side. 8,5,5

    had 30min till nutrition meeting, so went and pushed prowler for 25 minutes. light weight, only 3 plates each side.

    partner switch off, 6 sets, 1 set consisted of push one way, 20 meters, push back immediately, 20 meters (40meter push total).

    good times.

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