Diet Tracker Suggestions and/or bugs.

  1. Diet Tracker Suggestions and/or bugs.

    Pleas post them here. Thanks.
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  2. on the view all/add multiple change the font color, the only way i can see it is i mouse over the foods bc it turns red, Alex

  3. please provide a way to clear the foods that you are no longer eating from your recently eaten food list

  4. So far so good, I just joined the site and found the tracker on accident. Way better that fitday that i was using previously. If i find anyway to improve it ill let you gus know.

  5. Hey Is there any way to change the nutional facts, say the brown rice there is some differences that I have.
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  6. just letting you know there is a bug when trying to upload your foods for the following day from your view all custom food list it adds them to your present day consumption, not the day you picked off the calender, Alex B

  7. when will this be fixed?


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