IF / Lean Gains - Subforum?

  1. IF / Lean Gains - Subforum?

    There's already to pretty awesome (albeit lengthy) LeanGains/IF log thread, but would it be possible/worthwhile to create a IF/LG subforum in Nutrition?

    - Having a gathering place for all IF / LeanGains threads/ideas/topics in a subforum vs. a giant thread, perhaps folks would find answers easier before re-asking the same questions, or more in-depth discussions can take place without being broken up by specific menu questions

    Just an idea -

  2. I like this idea a lot. IFing is a whole species of its own, and brings to the table a new set of rules and physiological dynamics regarding nutrition. There are so many followers of this diet that I think it would be worthwhile having its own subforum, definitely in the nutrition section somewhere.
    Check your form: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/exercise-science/190675-proper-techniques.html
    Log: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/workout-logs/235436-tossing-weight-torobestia.html

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