I didn't see a thread for this (didn't look too hard, as I'm in a bit of a rush at the moment, though), so I figured I'd toss one up. I assume e-mailing this info to someone would be helpful, but I didn't know specifically who to hit up and I thought this might be a way for multiple people with admin status or the connections to whoever is in charge of IT to see this quickest.

NOW Thyroid Energy lists Selenium as 50mg instead of 50mcg (for those who know dosing, it's an obvious mistake, but for those who don't, they may assume they're getting more). Just thought I'd bring this up.

And feel free to delete this if you'd like, as I could also see this list accumulating being perceived as negative, though I assure you it wasn't my intent at all.

NOW Foods Thyroid Energy (90 caps): Discount Thyroid Energy Supplements