Blackberry users

  1. Blackberry users

    Figured I would post this up since I just figured it out. I have a bb Bold. Idk which model. When you go to the forum it shows the full site. If you want to get the mobile version you have to first log in and then go to the bottom of the page and select mobile from the dropdown box. It used to do it by default but doesn't anymore. I think its my phone

  2. My iphone does the same it it says its already on mobile (but it isnt)

    I have to scroll down and select AM light and then when that loads select mobile an then it works good.

    BTW, isnt there a free app for blackberry? Forumrunner I believe
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    I don't think ForumRunner has an app for BlackBerry yet, but Tapatalk should work for you. We support both, as well as our custom IPhone & Android apps. Happy Holidays!

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