Liking Threads for FaceBook

  1. Liking Threads for FaceBook

    I tried liking a thread and when it posted to my profile the link had one of the poster's avatar, and he wasnt the thread starter. Just wondering if that's a fluke, would be better the AM logo or something if that's "controllable"
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  2. Pretty sure it just takes a picture from the page you are linking, it tends to give you some choice over that though.

  3. I'll try again and check
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    Facebook is funny like that. Sometimes they give you a choice of pictures it finds on the page to scroll through and choose from, and sometimes it just randomly picks a photo. We can override it so that it always picks a static image, but that kinda kills the point of having the photo. For the most part it works fine, so until they fix it I think we'll just leave it alone.

  5. Yeah, I tried it twice again and a 1st little cartoon person showed up then another persons avi again lol,
    the important thing is the link though, no biggie.
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