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    Site Updates!

    Update: 9/5/2015

    Welcome to all new members! We're glad you're here to join us.

    Just wanted to give everyone else heads up on some changes we have made to the site:

    All Mobile apps have been updated. Push Notifications have been enabled. Please check the App Store (IOS) and Google Play (Android) for the updates. Just search Anabolicminds

    We have a welcome thread for new members. Please introduce yourself here!

    Welcome To Anabolic Minds! Introduction Thread!

    Rep Rules Clarity: Affiliate links are prohibited. They always have been. Rep codes are allowed BUT ONLY IN SIGNATURES. Active promotion of rep codes/links is not allowed. This is not an affiliate forum or a spam forum for reps to do nothing but plug rep codes and links. The only sections you can actively promote your rep code and links is in your companies subforum. Further rep rules are being created now to answer any questions. They will posted in the rules section soon.

    Asking for steroid sources, prices, source checks, ec...will get you banned on the spot. Do not ask about, post, reference sources for AAS, research, illegal items....Posting other retailers will get you banned. Posting prices and places to get PH's will get you banned. If you dont like this, find another board.


    Reputation Points - I've had many people ask how to get reputation points/power. The easiest way? Post....and post well. For every 2 posts, you get 1 point of Rep Power (this is how much you effect other peoples rep when you rep/neg them). So from a post whoring perspective, you can get rep easily. A better way is to post well...then you get people to rep you over and over and over...For every 200 points received, you get 1 point of rep power to your profile. You can't rep the same person until you rep 5 other people.

    Reputation Points : The total number of points you don't really see this. Its mainly used to gauge how much Rep Power you have.

    Reputation Power : The number in which you effect other's people Rep Points. If you have 500 Rep Power and rep someone, you add 500 Points to their total.

    Tagged - You can now tag users in a post. Simply use the @ symbol and the username and they will notified that they have been mention in a post. Example @Admin

    Thats all! If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to add to this threads and will take them into consideration.

  2. Site keeps getting better, good job guys


  3. Hmm wait, then my Rep power is wrong ;-)

  4. Sounds good
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    Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL
    Hmm wait, then my Rep power is wrong ;-)
    Figures you would post that...

    For answers to board issues, read the Suggestion and News forum at the bottom of the main page.

  6. Does anyone know how to convert this text?? I was ALL done with updating my log and i went to click preview and all this popped up because it said "Please view this thread first". It took me like 30 minutes i really do not want to re-type it all.. -_-

    I hope everybody thinks i'm crazy, because you cannot be a sane person and go through the type of pain i am willing to put myself through to be where i want to be, Once I completely win the war between my mind and body, my reign will begin. ~Me
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    I got it...

  8. Congrats guys. The site looks great

  9. Great work.
    Just inject.

  10. i've been having problems being able to click in the reply boxes. i usually have to click on the "switch editor to source mode" before i can type a reply. just throwing that out there!

    anyway, thank you for continuing to improve the AM experience!!
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    What browser?

    Also you can try to switch off enhanced mode. Go to your settings, general settins, scroll,down and check standard mode.

  12. i'm using firefox. i will try that.

  13. Awesome..Going to download app right now..

  14. hey.. Cool
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  15. Sounds good keep up the good work, I'm liking the news section been my take to the toilet reading material lol tmi I know my bad lol

  16. News section looks awesome!! I like reading random articles
    I hope everybody thinks i'm crazy, because you cannot be a sane person and go through the type of pain i am willing to put myself through to be where i want to be, Once I completely win the war between my mind and body, my reign will begin. ~Me

  17. Good stuff guys. the more info the better

  18. That's cool that you are keeping the dark site for those who want it.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Fr0st View Post
    That's cool that you are keeping the dark site for those who want it.
    I approve of this comment

  20. Glad for the pointers, and site is getting better and better
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  21. my rss feed dont work anymore-no prob with old site.
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    Update the feed...just tried it, works fine.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Admin View Post
    Update the feed...just tried it, works fine.
    i used to be able to get a summary of recent posts on my home page-up to 7- which updated every 24 hours. Thats gone and although ive clicked on the orange symbol to subscribe -in effect i started again - nothing has happened. Any advice?
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    What reader are you using? I just tried it in Google reader and it works fine. We haven't changed anything with the rss at all....

  25. took an hour to fiqure out how to get back in the forum, ......stupid message

  26. app works well on android

  27. Was loving the app but it's hanging on the redirect to this thread now. I'll redownload now that I got here through the mobile site and see if it clears.

  28. That did the trick.


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