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  1. Thanks cheers!

  2. New...

    New to the site.... Ready to learn

  3. Hi guys..

    great work,,

  4. The site looks great!
  5. Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by Admin View Post
    Please take 2 minutes to read. Thanks!

    7. Servers - We have added and revamped our server structure. This has come at a considerable cost and is still ongoing but the goal here is to make this place fly....we want speed..simple as that and we're not done yet. Hopefully you guys/gals have seen an increase in speed. If not, get a new computer..

    Thats all! If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to add to this threads and will take them into consideration.
    The speed is awesome!Actualy is the fastest loading forum i ve ever visited!congs

  6. new to site. looking for motivation.

  7. cool

  8. Thanks for the info.

  9. Well done guys.

  10. Sounds Good to me.

  11. Great site with lots of information.

  12. Thanks for your efforts

  13. Nice! Excited to be a part of things!!!
  14. well

    sounds great

  15. Great thanks guys!

  16. check

  17. this is great WEBSITE awesome it helps me alot

  18. wow.. I come back after 5 years or so and lucky me I'm greeted by awesome update... time to install that app!

  19. clean and cool ,i like it

  20. Just wanted to mention that the articles section is excellent.
    Sustain Alpha is back!

  21. Some users are finding it impossible to send Pm's or upload pictures ever since the site update. Just an fyi hoping someone with control over this catches this post and can do something about it.....
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  22. Administrator
    Ari Gold's Avatar

    This should have all been fixed last night. If it's still happening for anyone today, please let me know.

  23. is there a problem with the subscribed options on the iphone with the new ios5?
    i go to option a subscribed thread in iphone app and it shuts off AM and i have to re login
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  24. Looking Forward to bein on board

  25. Hello, new menber.


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