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  1. sounds good


  2. I'm still getting used to a few things but i like this layout a lot better.
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  3. Was wondering why tapatalk wasn't working....everything is awesome.
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  4. Where do I go on this site to find medical professionals that post here? What are "rep" points good for? Thanks

  5. this is really great work....

  6. Awesome forum..
  7. Administrator
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrBigPR View Post
    Was wondering why tapatalk wasn't working....everything is awesome.
    Taptalk works just fine....what are you getting?

    For answers to board issues, read the Suggestion and News forum at the bottom of the main page.

  8. Really good changes made by admin.

  9. So this comment counts towards rep points???? Lol

  10. understand clearly.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by KatyMarie
    So this comment counts towards rep points???? Lol
    Yep, you got yourself an entire half a Rep point there.

  12. Everything looks Awesome!

  13. This is really informative. Great work!!!

  14. Great thanks!

  15. guessing i joined just in time for the upgrades

  16. appreciate the effort guys

  17. Great job am team

  18. Noted!
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  19. Quote Originally Posted by Rahl
    I like the app better than the site. Add the rep system in and I may never have to go back.
    I agree. I could go fully app with the addition of the rep system. I think the only reason I get on my computer anymore is to give rep.

  20. thansk admin
  21. Thumbs up

    looks good

  22. also downloaded app to my driod thanks

  23. Alot of info

  24. nice i kike


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