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    You can take my word for it, they're no longer a sponsor as of Feb 1st.

    Quote Originally Posted by nicksox15 View Post
    Is there a way to tell they are no longer a sponsor? Im guessing that's what happened but I'd like to keep my commitment if it's still possible

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Ari Gold View Post
    You can take my word for it, they're no longer a sponsor as of Feb 1st.
    Lol, well alright. Thanks for the response man.

  3. great

  4. Good job keep up the good work

  5. Roger that!

  6. Got it, and welcome

  7. Clear guidelines, thanks. And welcome!

  8. ok kool

  9. first post.

    Forum looks great so far!

  10. Sounds good to me

  11. perfect .

  12. Sounds good!

  13. Thanks for the thread
  14. ok I have read it

    ok I have read it

  15. Sounds fantastic!

  16. cool read it

  17. Got it!!!

  18. Great.......

  19. Got it... I'm a mobile app user!

  20. Alright, prepared to not violate any of the terms of service, site looks good, I'm here for information, and feedback about my cycling.

  21. brilliant

  22. Your site is the best and the newsletter has helped me out so much


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