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  1. This is nice thanks!


  2. sounds good

  3. Is there a thread for nootropics? I have been reading up about them. Noopect is 1000 stronger than piracetam but it seems you can only get it from intellimeds. Prices are good, just wondered if anyone has used them

  4. <------- lives in hole. getting mobile app now Deployed blogging

  5. Thanks for the info... I look forward to the experience

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Admin View Post
    You don't...why would you? Only shows most recent 8 in the popup and 25 in your profile.

    Its the same as looking at your posts.
    Ok I see what you're sayin that'll work just need to get used to it. But the site is looking great and I enjoy being on here.

  7. Very Innovative!
    Good Job!

  8. lots of good things happening on AM!
  9. Administrator
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    Quote Originally Posted by delsolrob
    lots of good things happening on AM!

    For answers to board issues, read the Suggestion and News forum at the bottom of the main page.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Admin View Post
    Test is best!

  11. Thank god for mobile apps!!!

  12. Site looks awesome love the info and help i can get off here. Thanks for building this site!

  13. keep getting better and better

  14. I like the app better than the site. Add the rep system in and I may never have to go back.

  15. very nice....speed is very good !

  16. checked for an app a while back wasn't available. Stoked to get it downloading it now

  17. daddy likey

  18. Very nice ... I take a break and come back to an improved site.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by thetinyguy View Post
    Does anyone know how to convert this text?? I was ALL done with updating my log and i went to click preview and all this popped up because it said "Please view this thread first". It took me like 30 minutes i really do not want to re-type it all.. -_-

    Dear you will find out the option of the translate on the upper corner of the page. By selecting the choice of the translate you can easily change the text wth very ease.

  20. Improved sites are always a good thing.


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