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  1. Great work..

  2. Good job guys

  3. Newbie to the site, very informative, great job!

  4. i would just like to thank everyone on the Elexor thread site that has helped me to understand that been on 150mg was killing me slowly now I have to wean myself off them thanks heaps guys and gals

  5. Looking forward to getting involved in this forum.

  6. ok thanks bro

  7. sounds like you guys are really working to consistently improve the site
    nice work!!

  8. keeps getting better

  9. alright.

  10. great forum!

  11. Awesome, im new but excited about this site!

  12. just have to because of new password,,, will return later....

  13. the site is great!

  14. Very nice...

  15. Nice info!

  16. Great

  17. Sounds Great!

  18. This is an amazing addition to the site. At least, our voices will not only be heard, but also used as a metric in endorsing an effective product. Thanks much and keep pushing the boundaries. YOU GUYS ROCK!

  19. Yes sir

  20. I acknowledge that I have read the thread and anticipate many good things from this great web site.

  21. Site performs pretty well on your current infrastructure. Nicely done!

  22. This is a nice site
  23. Cool

    Great job

  24. THANKS !

  25. Gotcha admin. Understood. And site look good brothers

  26. Been on here for years, and I appreciate the admins and all here who contribute meaningfully to discuss especially around TRT. Thanks!


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