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  1. ok good

  2. Have any of you guys had problems with passord logins? I have to enter password really slow for it to accept?

  3. I have this on my Iphone and have been using it for a few weeks, but i just now got around to actually joining XD

    Great site tho!

  4. Sounds good...glad to be on the forum

  5. great!

  6. ok sounds good

  7. sounds good

  8. Totally different style of a forum 'read this first' when I've first joined a forum. Very nice - feel welcome already.

  9. Thanks for the info!

  10. thankx

  11. Thanks. Glad to be here.

  12. great

  13. Ok no problem

  14. Soounds good.

  15. Guys, your are doing a terrific job.
    Thank you for your knowledge and wisdom.
    Wish you all health, wealth and peace of mind.

  16. Easy enough to follow!

  17. Thanks

  18. ok thanks

  19. Awesomeness!!

  20. Great forum guys. Looking forward to learning, and hopefully contributing.

  21. me too

  22. good to know

  23. thanks for the info

  24. Looking forward to using this site on the regular. Thanks guys! God Bless


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