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  1. Hey, thanks for the information, I am sure that I read the Updates of the site...

  2. got it thanks!

  3. Am currently taking:
    Triazole + Post cycle matix
    DV - Fusionsupplements

  4. Appreciate all the hard work to make this a great site. Love the iphone app.
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  5. sounds good..

  6. Nice!!!

  7. Sounds good!

  8. Definitely I'll do my best to follow the site rules! thanks!

  9. read and received. I am pretty much a newbie so if I ask dumb questions, forgive me..
  10. Need info

    Is it ok to take chloraphyll, CLA, vitamin D, and Red clover on the same day or together??

  11. new to this too!!!
  12. Great site

  13. alterntego

    Already found a wealth of info here before i even signed up . Really dig'n the supplement sponsors . They appear to be on their game and very knowledgeable . I am mid fourties and prefer the natural way . With all the technology these sponsors have there is almost no reason to even deviate .
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  14. good to know, thanks for sharing.
  15. OK!

    the rules RULE!

  16. hello

  17. Looking forward to gaining knowledge needed to complete my goals! Thanks

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Hcc5881
    We are here. Follow carefully. And LISTEN. Enjoy!!

  19. 10-4 on the info

  20. oops please delete
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  21. Loving the site.

  22. Cool site and I'm glad to be here. Even though I joined a long time ago.

  23. sounds good brahhs


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