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  1. Thumbs up

    I haven't been here for a bit and thought it looked different- great job sprucing up the place

  2. great site

  3. It looks good, great work guys. All the best and keep going.....

  4. Awesome love this site thanks for keeping it alive

  5. sounds good

  6. Great site!!

  7. This place sounds great, I'm in

  8. Cool

  9. Got it!

  10. ok cool

  11. Read it and will abide by the rules...I was a member here before but lost my previous login info, so back under a new alias. Now time to get my post count up again

  12. Good Job!

  13. sounds good
  14. Thank you

    New here

  15. Itll be good to see what this site is like. I've come across it many times from google hits, so it'll be interesting to see what its like as a member frequenting it. I just need another post to get my first rep point yeehaa!
  16. liking it so far

    way better than rules, thus far. I like
  17. Just joined

    Sup fellas

    Just joined up

  18. so is there a button somwhere that i can use to rep people? ive gotten great replies and i want to show my appreciation to some people!

  19. I'm new to AM but not to the boards. Looks like you guys have it all together and control it all well.
    I'm glad I found AM last board I was on was getting bad.


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