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  1. Excited to b part of!!!

  2. alrighty then

  3. cool
    "Train like God is watching. Never quit!"

  4. new member been reading here for a while tho

  5. so what type of dbol is it your taking? some places offer test and dbol as a package deal and i was curious to how legit it is.

  6. ok got it

  7. copy that!

  8. read the above what is a PH?

  9. Awesome, downloading the app now!

  10. Thanks!

  11. Thanks for the heads up the site

  12. sounds good

  13. Look forward to finding out lots of info on bodybuilding

  14. Ok sounds good

  15. Good job

  16. I've read. Thx

  17. good work

  18. i approve of this comment..

  19. i approve of this comment

  20. Great! Keep up!!

  21. hi every1. site looks interesting

  22. Looking good, this site looks like it'll be an asset...

  23. understood

  24. Great site guys I'd be lost without it

  25. very good

  26. Idiot proofing. Well done

  27. Awesome, guys!

  28. Ok, I LOVE this site so far. I registered... "viewed the thread"... I am too busy and too tirede to figure out the next step. I WANT to be here, and don't mind the hoops... most are good, 'cept now. What's next to "finalize?" my registration. Where's the "go back where you were after you view the thread button/link?" I think this site can help me help others with food allergy (proteins) issues. Not a med. I just help others (parents) understand what it took me 40 years to learn. Send me an e-mail? Help?

  29. got it.. thanks

  30. I'm excited to begin navigating the site. Thanks guys!

  31. Understood


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