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  1. new to this too!!!

  2. Great site


  3. alterntego

    Already found a wealth of info here before i even signed up . Really dig'n the supplement sponsors . They appear to be on their game and very knowledgeable . I am mid fourties and prefer the natural way . With all the technology these sponsors have there is almost no reason to even deviate .
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  4. good to know, thanks for sharing.

  5. OK!

    the rules RULE!

  6. hello

  7. Looking forward to gaining knowledge needed to complete my goals! Thanks

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Hcc5881
    We are here. Follow carefully. And LISTEN. Enjoy!!

  9. 10-4 on the info

  10. oops please delete
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  11. Loving the site.

  12. Cool site and I'm glad to be here. Even though I joined a long time ago.

  13. sounds good brahhs
  14. Thanks

    Love the mobil app and the new section!

  15. cool
    Cerebral Success | The Worlds #1 Brain Supplement!
  16. Site Updates!!!!!!!!!!


  17. The same to you,thanks

  18. ~~~~~~ I"m IN! ~~~~~~~~

  19. keep it up
  20. Thumbs up

    Thumbs up!

  21. great site
  22. newbie

    hi im dan 37 in june from norwich in the uk, i been wanting to get back into bodybuilding for alot off years since 1995 infact , as i used to body build back then did it for 9 mths and loved every second off pumping iron , started off 3 days a week and with in 2 weeks was goin everyday apart from sundays, as i had a new born baby and was movin in to a new flat , didnt get the time any longer and before long it was just a distant memery goin to the gym, but now i have more spare time and age is not on my side i wld love to get back into it, so any help and tips etc would be greatly reseved ur freind bulldog69

  23. Got IT!!

  24. Id like to try this stack i usually make my own with caffeine beta alanine and creatine. ive been looking ot try something new

  25. Good job guys!


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