Google Chrome and AM

  1. Google Chrome and AM

    Anyone else notice AM runs real slow on Google Chrome? On IE it's fast same on other browsers, but Chrome seems to lag in loading as well as posting replies or new threads. I don't know just something I noticed.

  2. try FF, but in general chrome is faster than FF, the beauty is that chrome uses multiple processes where as FF is a hog

    couldn't care less for IE

  3. Yeah, chrome is crappy for me. I removed it because it was slowing my comp down tremendously.

  4. Hmmm must just be the computers you guys are using, chrome is faster than any explorer that I've used

  5. AM on chrome is working smoothly for me
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  6. I run chrome on a horse sh!t connection and AM loads great.. so perhaps you have it configured incorrectly?

  7. It's working fine now guys, I was having issues when AM was loading all of its new server stuff...

  8. I like chrome very much and give it advance than firefox.


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