Can I change my Name???

  1. Can I change my Name???

    I dont know why I even made this name what it is. I guess I felt it fit the mold of this forums name. I dont even use or have used pct or anything of the sort haha It was first thing that popped into my head

    If a moderator could please change my name from:
    pctforeal to NjMuscle
    I would greatly appreciate it. If any private information to make the change is needed, please p/m me for such!

    Or is there a way I can do this on my own? If so please let me know! Id rather not create a new account entirely as Id like to keep my stats/posts etc...intact. Thanks!

  2. 49 views and nothing?

  3. 63 views and not a peep? Are there any moderators on this board? Anyone to make this simple change happen for me?

    If there is a way I can do it on my own, just let me know as I dont have a clue so.

  4. Contact a Board Administrator. Their names are bolded in red.
    Nutraplanet Representative
    PM me with any order questions and concerns

  5. No, name changes are not available at this time.



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