New Pay Rules Starting on June 15th

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  1. I sharted!!! I dont ebven have a bank

  2. i was really pissed off for a minute there

  3. I felt for it lol

  4. Awe man!! Got me.
    I saw through all the gags at work, but I was reading this and thinking,
    "Wow...they finally had"

    As long as I've been here, I should have seen through it!

  5. Blood pressure was on the rise when I read the link to this.....
    got me good...

  6. Actually I knew it was a trick before I scrolled down.
    I had like a few seconds of doubt.
    I remembered what day it was.
    "I don't want anything. I don't want anybody. That's the worst part. When the want goes, that's bad."
    (Doug Stanhope as Eddie on Louie)
  7. newbie2bb
    newbie2bb's Avatar

    Omgosh i know im late in it but huge bad day and then i was like WTF ...i didnt mention aniything shoot. banned ... then i was like dayum im dumb

  8. prank#1....the guys at work punched holes in my water bottle.
    prank #2...the neighborhood kids...soaped my truck and put a for sale sign on it( i acted all pi$$ed off and flipped out like i had roid rage and the scared look on their faces were priceless) so it was my last laugh.

    prank#3...the anabolic minds joke......"and i bit"

  9. awwww...dammit. I was getting angrier and angrier the more i read.

  10. My reaction was.... These people are completely moronic!!!
    And they are going to lose all their members....

  11. what rule infractions should dictate these fines?

  12. Damn! You got me! Thanks for the laugh guys.

  13. Happy to have joined

  14. lol i read first 2 sentences and was like WTF hahaha nice AM!

  15. ha...i love this site

  16. april fools

  17. You got me but it is the 2nd of April over here (Australia) and nobody got me yesterday.

  18. totally bit on this one
    Athletic Xtreme Marketing Manager
    Athletic Xtreme at The Planet!
    Email Inquiries: [email protected]

  19. that was not cool!!!!!crap you got me!!!

  20. Happy April Fools day to all !!! That never goes out of style and you definitely got me there!

  21. i was thinking........ but i only read, learn,and read some more. how could i be in trouble?
    good one!

  22. You A$$!!! You got me! Damn I can't believe I fell for that sh*t. Son of a mutha F...bleep (cue the censored bleep sound) Biznatch!!!! That BS is totally Knucking Futs!!!

    Oh son a b* much am I going to be charged now.

    My official salute to the cruel April Fools joke you played on us...

    Ok...sorry, but I had to be outrageous and have some fun totally got all of us.

    "Never trust a b*tch because b*tches be crazy, now get out there and go crush some P***Y!" - Jerry Stiller.

  23. You SOB! I thought my a$$ was banned before clicking on the message. I give you props on this one.

  24. i was about to say,,, its ok i pay !!! cuz because of this forum i have liver cancer,
    since i ran M1T being a alcholic... so i took my pills with beer,,,, thanks Anabolic minds...

    april fool

    i love ya


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