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    Guys, seriously what's the deal here? I was reading a lot on how this forum evolved and that guy brought up some good points. I was banned a while ago for reasons unspecified and can not get a straight answer from anyone as to why. As for Cosmo Kramer, Bobo, or whoever... just be straight-up and just email me as to what's going on. I've been browsing this forum for about 6 years and joined under the name Force of Green in 2005. I grew to like the people over here and sure I've had my fair share of arguments and debates, but it's ridiculous that I can't get an answer from 'Bobo' or whatever Seinfeld dude he becomes next and I can't even be heard out.

    Now I see that two-faced, fakes like Iron Lungz is running the show over here after ditching IBE and all the other boards and stuff just isn't the same. No offense to the members here or anything. I love the people over here, but this place is just taken over and controlled by individuals with power-trips.

  2. You know exactly what you did and continued to do under various usernames.

  3. Unbreakable
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    I must not have been CC'd on the memo that Iron Lungz was "running the show over here". That would explain why "stuff just isn't the same".

    Why AM I always the last to know?

  4. Here is a great email I received form him months ago.

    "You ban my IP address? And not tell me what I did? I didn't even type anything wrong on your forum. ****in petty jew piece of ****."

    After the 4th time you've been banned, the warnings generally stop.

    BTW, I'm Irish Catholic.
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