Serious Concern's

  1. Serious Concern's

    I have spent the last 3 days talking to a 19yr on this board, trying to convince him not to use steroids. He has gotten some serious bad advice from people on this board telling him it will be OK TO USE STEROIDS AT HIS AGE. My advice to MODS is to ban for life anyone you reccomends steroids to people younger than 21(even 21 in my opinion is a little to young). No second chances, and I dont care how respected the member is, if he encourages use, get his ****ing ass off this board. As for the person under age trying to use steroids I encourage all as I did to explain the consequnces and not just tell him he shouldnt or is an idiot. In one of my posts to this member after already explaining to him the consequences in a thread and thru PM's he still was getting advice to use and had made up his mind to go for it. I called him a **** up and used alot of foul language just trying to get his attention, but when he finally came thru I calmly explained again what steroids could do to his body at a young age, he chose not to use. I am in no way against steroids/prosteroids/prohormones, just not in younger people

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    I agree.

  3. Glad you changed his mind.

  4. Agreed.

  5. Any Moderators care to chime in?



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