what about post rating?

  1. what about post rating?

    I had this idea that with each post entered there could be like a thumbs up/thumbs down button or a little rating chart and members can rate the information given in the post. help weed out all the bad info when going down a thread. idk what do you think?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by keeper View Post
    .... Slaps and claps. It's helpful b/c you know the posts to skip over as you scan the thread.
    Assuming there are no biased ratings.
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  3. Will get this back soon.
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  4. there was system used here similar to what they use on digg to rate threads but it was not based on a replies
  5. hmmm :)

    Quote Originally Posted by strategicmove View Post
    Assuming there are no biased ratings.
    Hello good post and great reply i like it



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