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    I was wondering if there would be interest in a home equipment/workout equipment forum. I know some other sites have them and are used by people who are looking for home equipment reviews etc. Thought it might be a good addition to AM since the people here will give better advice compared to others.

  2. mikinTx
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    I'd certainly follow it... I fondly refer to my garage as the "gym from h*ll" and I'm always looking for more tips on using my sandbags, cinder blocks and old kegs in new and innovative exercises!

  3. Basement here.

    Go for it.


  4. In buddy

  5. i'd follow it!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by natty texan View Post
    i'd follow it!
    same here
    Team Orbit

  7. I'll stick it on the list for consideration.
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  8. awesome keep rocking


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