Section for high school and college athletes

  1. Section for high school and college athletes

    A section for NCAA and high school sports is definitly needed on this forum. What do you guys think? I mean we got a ton of athletes on here and it would be great to have a section for information for them....

  2. i think that is a great idea, because sports nutrition is a little different than bodybuilding nutrition. also an area for other atheletes to share drills, training regime, nutrition, and possibly a place for strength coaches can go to guide. overall great idea. you can have a couple sub catogories under this like Drills and workouts/nutrition/supplements/

  3. yeah thats exactly what im thinking. Because i ussually get advice that is no where near relevant to lifting and nutrition for my sport, but bodybuilding...

    I would think this is how it should go
    -Supplements (NCAA regulations and everything)
    -Nutrition (diets, caloric ratios)
    -Training (drills, excercises, entire programs)

  4. I think this is a really good idea. make it happen AM.

  5. im a high school basketball player this would b sick im 16 and i did post on teenagers looking to become bigger any help ?

  6. eat, eat, eat, eat and eat.

  7. thanks ill try to eat as much as possible

  8. than eat more

  9. No, I hate kids, teenagers and people over 3/4 century.

    I'd rather none of em post here.

  10. awesome idea... it is easy to find info on cut diets and bodybuilding diets and bodybuiulding workout.. but what about athlethes.. i dont think they cant really do a no carb diet.. and would want more of a functional power workout and less of a physique body building show type workouts.. this should happen sounds like a great idea
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  11. Not a bad idea, but I would divide it somewhat by different sports or at least goals maybe. Cluster similar sports training into each section. IE Rugby, Football.

  12. yeah thats a real good idea to, depends what AM wants to do with my idea or if they even like it. well see, havent received any PM's from any board mods yet so i dunno.

  13. I support a section for athletes if it's not specifically directed towards teenagers or any age group for that matter.

    I'm not a bodybuilder, I train for functional fitness so that section would be useful to me and others.

    If it's geared towards teenagers we'll get the stupidest f**king threads and posts.

  14. Im playing around with walking on if I meet certain target goals. My high school used to bring in personal trainers, all kinds of stuff so we were pretty well briefed on training and the newest trends. I just wish I had learned about nutrition, and mass gains like I do now. Understood what each drill was targeting, the different components of speed, etc.

  15. Yeah i certainly dont wana gear the forum towards teenagers. Im sure well get a lot of posts from teenagers, but maybe well just make a sticky post about how if ure under 16, just eat and seek professional help. I wanted to gear the thread more towards serious athletes in college and high school and not just the "im 5-5 130, what do i do posts?" Regardless though, im sure itll provide great help, because i know there are a ton of serious athletes on here....

  16. But there are actually a lot of teenagers with a lot of good incite. Ive been lifting for five years now since i was 14

  17. There are a ton of sites out their that cater to sports fitness though.

    I'd like the idea as long as there is not a misc section added or a general chat section which would clutter the server with garbage, i.e.
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  18. yeah i wouldnt want this to turn into Ive looked at a lot of those sports forums and to be quite honest there terrible. They provide very scientific and textbook examples of routines and schedules. It seems to be mostly people who get degrees in kineosology or some other feild and think there all of a sudden experts. I think it would be great to here from ex athletes and current athletes and discuss each others nutrition, supplements, routines, injury recovery and everything else. There really isnt a good place on the web where all this is discussed. Sports are a combination of bodybuilding, powerlifting, oylimpic lifting, sprinting and everything in between. On those fitness forums u really just get garbage and advice from people who really havent been through the workouts, games or practice....


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