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    Yeah it is it is a pre-built application. The thing is that V-bulletin should already have this option. It should be in the User CP so that the user can change his own display name, but it is disabled by the site admin. It can be enabled, but that would be pointless IMO. Either that, or VB hasn't added this module yet. I am sure it will be added in later versions if it hasn't been already.
    That wouldnt be implimented for the end user. If the user has a ton of posts, that is just to many queries to the SQL database.

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  2. Quote Originally Posted by ABNRanger View Post
    I apologize for my misinformation. The point I was trying to convey was that it can be tedious if every tom **** or harry decided that they wanted to make the name change. Hence, my suggestion that we need more board supporters (a whopping 10 bucks a yr) to help maintain the site. I work in the IT industry so I know how expensive it can be sometimes to mananage web sites. There is constant upgrades, patches etc that have to be applied to keep things running smoothely.
    Oh no doubt man... I fully agree. Running IT is expensive... especially since every two years or so you need to tech refresh.

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  3. Unless the reason is extreme, we don't change names. Ask Jayhawkk, he is getting flooded with requests with something he can't do and I'm ignoring him.
    For answers to board issues, read the Suggestion and News forum at the bottom of the main page.

  4. Oh on that DBZ movie, I looked at the trailer, I think it is pure garbage. They probably would have done a better job doing an animated movie, like they did with the one where the guy had to play that flute to calm the demon. And is Vegeta gonna be in this movie, they have piccolo looking like something from power rangers. Sorry for my soap box moment. I might need to start a thread in the GC forum.

  5. Thanks boss, now they're really sending in those requests lol

  6. this would be annoying too! everyone on here gets to know the names of certain members, keeping track of who's who when their name changes would be troublesome enough!

    I get confused some times when someone changes their avitar...let alone if they changed their name
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